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Results of Annual General Meeting

06 May 2021

At the Annual General Meeting of the Company held on 6 May 2021, all resolutions put to shareholders were duly passed on a poll with the required majorities. The full text of each resolution is contained in the Notice of Annual General Meeting. Resolutions 1 to 15 were passed as ordinary resolutions. Resolutions 16 to 18 were passed as special resolutions.

The AGM was convened with the requisite quorum of at least two shareholders (or their corporate representatives or proxies). The AGM comprised only the formal business as set out in the Notice of AGM (dated 17 March 2021).

All valid proxy votes (whether submitted electronically or in hard copy form) were included in the poll taken at the meeting. The total number of ordinary shares in issue (excluding shares held in treasury) at the close of business on 5 May 2021 was 597,296,306.

The final votes received in respect of each resolution put to the meeting were as set out below:


 Votes for (including discretionary votes)%
 Votes for
Total number of votes validly cast % of the Company’s issued share capital represented by votes validly cast Votes withheld*
Ordinary Resolutions        
1 To receive and adopt the Annual Report & Accounts 470,459,793 99.91% 412,574 0.09% 470,872,367 78.83% 5,551,921
2 To approve the Directors’ Remuneration  Report 454,168,793 95.36% 22,107,554 4.64% 476,276,347 79.74% 147,941
3 To declare a final dividend 474,361,001 99.59% 1,946,443 0.41% 476,307,444 79.74% 116,844
4 To elect Paul Hayes 475,440,706 99.83% 831,737 0.17% 476,272,443 79.74% 151,845
5 To re-elect Karen Caddick 473,870,318 99.49% 2,406,457 0.51% 476,276,775 79.74% 147,513
6 To re-elect Andrew Cripps 469,842,585 98.65% 6,431,888 1.35% 476,274,473 79.74% 149,815
7 To re-elect Geoff Drabble 412,648,905 88.72% 52,468,080 11.28% 465,116,985 77.87% 11,307,303
8 To re-elect Louise Fowler 474,581,427 99.64% 1,695,192 0.36% 476,276,619 79.74% 147,669
9 To re-elect Andrew Livingston 476,253,103 100.00% 22,584 0.00% 476,275,687 79.74% 148,601
10 To re-elect Richard Pennycook 455,963,538 99.03% 4,448,350 0.97% 460,411,888 77.08% 16,012,400
11 To re-elect Debbie White 474,585,056 99.64% 1,691,313 0.36% 476,276,369 79.74% 147,919
12 To re-appoint Deloitte LLP as the Auditor 468,371,170 98.34% 7,917,760 1.66% 476,288,930 79.74% 135,358
13 To authorise the Directors to determine the remuneration of the Auditor 475,123,179 99.76% 1,163,350 0.24% 476,286,529 79.74% 137,759
14 To renew authority to make political donations 464,088,858 97.54% 11,710,431 2.46% 475,799,289 79.66% 624,999
15 To renew the Directors' authority to allot shares 452,239,291 94.93% 24,147,676 5.07% 476,386,967 79.76% 37,321
Special Resolutions        
16 To renew the Directors' authority for the disapplication of pre-emption rights 472,929,790 99.98% 90,445 0.02% 473,020,235 79.19% 3,404,053
17 To renew the Directors' authority to make market purchases of the Company's own shares 470,729,352 98.91% 5,170,558 1.09% 475,899,910 79.68% 524,378
18 To authorise general meetings to be held on 14 clear days' notice 463,250,629 97.26% 13,043,317 2.74% 476,293,946 79.74% 130,342


*A vote “withheld” is not a vote in law. Votes “withheld” were not counted in the calculation of the proportion of the votes for and against each of the resolutions.

Full details of the poll results will also be available on the Company’s website:

In accordance with the Listing Rules, a copy of the resolutions passed, other than ordinary business, will be submitted to the National Storage Mechanism and will be available for inspection at  


Forbes McNaughton, Company Secretary:                 +44 (0) 207 535 1137

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