Five year record

(continuing operations before exceptional items)

The following shows key financial and other data for the Group for the last five financial years.

  December 2023
53 weeks
December 2022
52 weeks
December 2021
52 weeks
  December 2020
52 weeks
  December 2019
52 weeks
Summarised Income Statement       
Revenue  2,310.9 2,319.0 2,093.7 1,547.5 1,583.6
Operating Profit  340.2 415.2 401.7 195.7 260.0
Profit before tax  327.6 405.8 390.3 185.3 260.7
Full year dividend per share (pence) Note 1 21.0 20.6 19.5 18.2 3.9
Basic EPS (pence)  46.5 65.7 53.2 24.9 35.0
Summarised Balance Sheet       
Non-current assets excluding
leases and pension
 516.8 471.5 332.1 290.7 251.7
Non-current lease right-of-use assets  647.9 614.3 555.8 544.2
Inventories  382.8 373.3 301.6 255.0 231.8
Receivables (including tax)  234.2 265.6 205.8 166.6 193.1
Payables and provisions  (389.0) (454.2) (468.7) (338.2) (272.2)
Pension (liability)/asset  (12.6) (41.5) 140.8 (47.7) (56.6)
Total lease liabilities  (684.5) (665.3) (591.2) (580.5)
  (469.1) (542.4) (411.7) (544.8) 96.1
Net cash & short-term investments  282.8 308.0 515.3 430.7 267.4
Total net assets  978.4 871.7 991.5 720.8 615.2


Note 1 - Dividends.  In 2019, an interim dividend of 3.9p/share and a final dividend of 9.1p/share were declared, making a total of 13.0p/share.  However, following the disruption caused by the outbreak of COVID in early 2021, the 2019 final dividend of 9.1p/share was not paid.  In 2021, there was no interim dividend declared, but (see note 11 of these financial statements), there was a 2020 final dividend of 9.1p/share and also a special dividend of 9.1p/share, making a total of 18.2p/share for 2020.

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